12 Awesome Examples of Custom Post Types

Last week we posted an article on Custom Post Types over on the GetShopped.org website. Its a worthy read if you’re interested in seeing some great examples of how Custom Post Types are used in the wild.

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GetShopped.org Unscheduled Downtime

Hi all, the GetShopped.org domain auto-renewed overnight and has forgotten its way home, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and can assure you were are doing our all to get the site promptly back up.

I’ll post updates throughout the day, this was an unscheduled event which we will be better prepared for next time around – bi-annually – by migrating domain hosting providers and putting in place downtime monitors for the GetShopped.org site. Thanks for your patience.

Update: GetShopped.org is back online, all services returning to normal.

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July Update

Things are good at Instinct HQ. Not just good but excellent.

New office: We’ve recently moved into a larger work space. Everybody has contributed to making the space awesome – I’ve been painting, Daves been advising and we’re about to create a framed Whiteboard Wall. Its going to be nice. We all have much more space and morale is high!!

New staff: I’d like to welcome Michael Visser and Michelle Allen to the team. These guys are working with us in house – they are both in control of the small odd jobs and supporting the WP e-Commerce Community.

WordPress / Automattic would call them Happiness Engineers… and so would I.

WordCamp Galore: Its been a busy couple of months are we’re doing our best to represent. I’ve traveled long and far to talk about WordPress and how you can use it to sell online and these efforts are paying off. More people know about our Plugin and I’ve been able to network with Automattic.

Plugin Updates: The WP e-Commerce Plugin is going from strength to strength. Today we launched a private Beta version of our upcoming 3.8 release that utilizes WordPress Custom Post types. Its going to be amazing – watch this space for more updates.

WordPress boundaries: There is a whole lof of cutting edge WordPress development going down in Wellington, New Zealand (home!!!) and I’m proud to say its all happening right here under my nose. We’re presently developing a Plugin that utilizes the WordPress 3.0 custom post types for another locally founded company Xero. We couldnt be happier about this opportunity!!

Exciting times. Keep coming back!!

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WordPress e-Commerce Plugin 3.7.6 RC4 is alive

Kia Ora! WP e-Commerce Plugin RC4 is now ready for download. Assuming that there are no major issues then we intend to launch 3.7.6 early next week. Probably Tuesday Morning 7th April NZT.

RC4 Track Notes

  1. A few nice presentation changes in wp-admin (courtesy of Dan “the Godfather” Milward)
  2. More head bashing fixes to Shipping and ’same as billing’
  3. Awesome new filter for gateways added by Lee Willis
  4. Had to remove the last of Chris Newtons cart class patch because it was breaking flat rate shipping, it now works perfectly.

» For more information head over to getshopped.org

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Fedex + WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

Hi Guys. Last week we launched a new Fedex Shipping Module, its available for download from the new GetShopped.org website.

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New Release Version (3.7.6 beta 3)

We just uploaded a new Beta version of WP e-Commerce with heaps of new features and fixes for you to enjoy & test. Let us know how you get on over at the GetShopped.org blog!!

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GetShopped Blog

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that more and more blog action is happening over that the new GetShopped.org blog. Its where we’re discuss all things WP e-Commerce.

Recents blog posts include;

  • Update on Support Forum Login Issue
  • Google Checkout Notes
  • Weekly Support Forum Highlights
  • WPtouch Theme with Wp-e-Commerce
  • QuickBooks Integration with WordPress e-Commerce plugin

If any of these topics interest you (which they should) then head on over to the new WP e-Commerce home and get commenting.

» Read More Now!

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GetShopped home for WP e-Commerce

The WP e-Commerce Plugin has a new home!

Last week we launched a new site over at GetShopped.org, the GetShopped website is the new home for the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin. The old site (right here right now) is to be considered as a landing site for Instinct projects. Instinct develop WordPress software and contribute to the WP e-Commerce Plugin, Open Source project.

So just like Automattic (the founders of WordPress) we also run a number of projects and we recently decided that trying to manage multiple projects through the one website was just no longer effective. So we give you GetShopped.

Moving the WP e-Commerce Plugin to GetShopped means the following;

  • New tailored website with a much more satisfactory user interface
  • More training videos
  • Greater documenation
  • Speedier support times
  • Better overall software
  • More community tools!!!

So without further ado, please go check out WP e-Commerce on GetShopped today!!!

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