WP e-Commerce FAQ

This FAQ will grow in time but as I write this it is Sunday morning here in NZ and I really ought to be out enjoying the weekend while it lasts :))

Is it possible to hide the “add to cart” button – I don’t want to sell online, I want to use WP e-Commerce as more of a gallery?
Yes it is. Add the CSS property display:none to the button in your CSS file.

Is it possible to use WP e-Commerce to sell e-books?
Yes it is. WP e-Commerce is perfect for selling any type of digital download

Help, SEO & permalinks are not working for me
Make sure you’re using Date and name based permalinks for now.
Also make sure that you refresh the page URLs in the shop options page just in case.

I have over 10,000 + products, can WP e-Commerce handle this many products?
Yes, there are a number of WordPress sites using WP e-Commerce with large scale catalog’s

How do I install the Members Only module
Copy the members directory to your gold cart files folder, do not simply place the files within the members directory in the gold directory – the file structure must be like this:

I moved my site and now my API key doesn’t work?
First thing to try is hit the Reset API Key button in the gold options page. Remember the API key will only ever work on one site at a time.

How do I style the products page?
There are a whole heap of presentation settings in the Shop Options. First things first – you need to play with these.

How do I “really” style the products page?
You need to know a little CSS. Just the same way you would if you wanted to edit your WordPress theme. Most of the styles though are kept in the themes folder. If you know CSS then jump in and have a play.

What if I don’t know CSS?
You can email instinct your design idea and we can be paid by the hour to integrate your design to work the way you want it.

What about editing the layout?
Well you’ll need to know a little php. Just the same way you need to know a little php if you want to modify they way WordPress looks.

I don’t want the sidebar to show in my products page?
You’ll need to use a theme that allows this level of functionality. I cannot possibly comment.

How do I use the iShop theme?
Select the theme from the Shop Options page under presentation settings.

How can I make the products page my home page?
This is a WordPress setting. Goto Options > Reading and then select the Products Page as your home page. Select another page to be your blog page.

I changed the page name / title and everything is broken now – what do I do?
Easy. Just his the refresh URLs button in the shop options page.

How can I place any “promo products” anywhere on my site – such as a page or post
First of all check the “place this product on my homepage” checkbox in the add / edit product page.
Then just place this tag in any page or post: [homepage_products]

How do I place the shopping cart anywhere on my site template using php?
< ?php echo nzshpcrt_shopping_basket(); ?>

How do I list a product category in a page or a post
Displayed using this tag [wpsc_category=1]. Where 1 is product category ID number you wish to display.

How can I place the Category description somewhere on my template using php
< ?php echo wpsc_category_description(); ?>

How can I list the categories and brands somewhere else in my site using php other then in the sidebar or above the product list
< ?php show_cats_brands(); ?>

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