Online Visitor Registration – The Death of the Visitor Book

VisitSafe is a new Online Visitor Registration System for any business or corporate premises. It replaces the need for those annoying and very expensive visitor registration books.

Phil Milward from VisitSafe says that “Visitors to any business or corporate premises can pose a potential threat to staff or assets. VisitSafe will provide you with a web based application to manage visitors in single and multiple locations and has Kiosk options available for Reception Areas. VisitSafe options include a Touch screen model, laptop versions, and PDA versions – some companies want their visitors to self sign in using Kiosks and others prefer the receptionist to do it – at the end of the day its all about choice”

These are a few of the things I like about VisitSafe:

  1. Greatly speeds up the visitor registration process
  2. All visitors to Instinct HQ are logged and accounted for
  3. Its Green!!! It uses a lot less paper (in fact you should be boycotting visitor books!!
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