WordPress Status Updates Plugin

When I first heard about BuddyPress I got quite excited and I started thinking about ways Instinct could contribute to the cause.

One of the things I like most about Facebook is the Status Updates feature. Before I really knew what was happening I was sitting with Allen and we were designing a WordPress plugin that replicates Facebook Status Updates.

Currently you can install this plugin and manage your own Status and it uses your gravatar image as your profile image. If there is interest from the BuddyPress team we will integrate it with BuddyPress so that it also works with your friends.

This plugin has been released under the GPL and we hope that Andy Peatling and the rest of the team like it.

Update: We have been given the nod of approval from the BuddyPress team. We will start integrating Status Updates with BuddyPress next week.

» Download WordPress Status Update Plugin

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