WordPress touchShop for iPhone

What do you get when you cross WordPress + the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin + touchShop?

You get the words slickest iPhone e-Commerce solution ever. And on that note I am very proud to announce the touchShop plugin for WordPress.

For two months Xiligroup (http://dev.xiligroup.com) and Instinct (http://instinct.co.nz) have been collaborating on a new iphone module called touchShop. The downloadable kit contains all that you need for a WordPress e-Commerce Shop to be fully compatible for customers buying with their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Xiligroup has installed a demo shop on this site http://www.xiliphone.mobi/ that also contains documentation. (don’t forget to connect with your iPod/iPhone to see the UI in action).

Michel of xiligroup (*) tells us that : Since RC2, WPSC contain all parts to include the iPhone module. The only requisite to add iPhone Module is WP e-Commerce + Gold-Cart installed. If your shop is powered by the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin RC2 (or greater) and Gold-Cart, xiligroup offer a free email assistance to help the first candidates install the iphone theme and iPhone Module.

With support from the Instinct Team, xiligroup will provide final modifications to achieve this powerful and amazing module. While there is no download link as yet please feel free to contact Michel from xiligroup for your free copy of the touchShop.

(*) xiligroup team is based on this other side of the Earth in France – Europe with 12h time difference with NZ

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