WordPress Wiki Plugin

Tired of using Media Wiki? Sick of fighting with WordPress to get your own documentation project happening?

If so then WordPress Wiki Plugin is the answer for you. The new WordPress Wiki plugin made by the guys at Instinct (who brought you the famous WordPress e-Commerce Plugin) have developed a new plugin that adds Wiki functionality to your WordPress powered website.

Product Features

Installing this plugin adds the ability to assign a WordPress Page or a Post as “wiki editable”.

  1. Installing the WordPress Wiki plugin adds a new checkbox to the edit Page & Post screen. This is available underneath the main TinyMC box where you write your Page or Post.
  2. Once this is checked it means that anybody logged in to your site as an “administrator” or “editor” can edit those particular Pages.
  3. Once a Page or Post has been checked as “wiki editable” you can edit that Page or Post from the front end of your site because there is now a list of revisions displayed underneath the main content for that Page or Post. The most recent revision has an edit link – if you click that you will be able to edit the Page / Post content.
  4. If you click a past revision it is merely displayed – you can click through and peruse all old revisions.

Product Roadmap (for Jan 2009)

  1. The plugin needs to add a new default user called “wiki editor” so that you can set the default user role for new sign-ups as “wiki editor”. This will be added to the list of options under
  2. A widget with links to “My Contributions” & “My Watchlist”
  3. Code cleanup

If you could help by contributing to one of these jobs it would be appreciated. If you want to contribute any other functionality to the plugin or make a recommendation that would also be great!!

Currenlty we are planning on making a new User Role so that Wiki Editors can edit blog posts – maybe it would just make more sense to make it so that any user can edit a post or page that has been checked as Wiki Friendly – again we’re open to suggestion.

Installation – Getting Started

  1. Copy the Plugin files (like you would any other) to /wp-content/plugins/ and then activate the wp wiki plugin
  2. Edit a Post or Page and check it as being Wiki Editable (there is a new checkbox on this page)
  3. Now you have checked your Post or Page as “Wiki Friendly” you can view the page on your site – assuming you are logged in as an admin or as an editor you will now be able to see a list of revisions – the most recent of which has an edit link

WordPress Wiki Update:

A new My Contributions widget has been developed for the WordPress Wiki Plugin and is available now for your testing. Simply install it like you do any other plugin or widget.


Download WordPress Wiki Plugin 0.2

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