WP e-Commerce 3.7 Beta 3

Beta 3 Update

Hi Team. We’re pleased to annouce Beta 3.

The WP e-Commerce 3.7 Beta 3 Plugin is the same as Beta 1 but with a number of bug fixes and enhancements that will improve your WordPress e-Commerce experiance.

New Template Engine

Our most frequent request. We did what we were told, we closed the curtains, locked the doors, copied the WordPress template engine and made our own. Now you can control and customize any part of your e-Commerce site. Based off the WordPress templating and Query system WP e-Commerce now has the best template system in town. Web designers can now go crazy!!

Our friend Wes Davis from Net Prophets has stated the the new Template Engine cuts his development time down by half. We’re totally chuffed and glad to be of service.

e-commerce for wordpress designers

Intense Debate Integration

Instinct worked with the guys at Crowd Favorite to release an e-Commerce specific version of Intense Debate that lets people add Product Comments and reviews to their products. We felt it was better to do this then come up with our own commenting solution.

WP e-Commerce Intense Debate Integration

A faster Javascript experience with jQuery

WP e-Commerce has swapped out 90% of their custom made Javascripts with ultra fast jQuery. Essentially meaning a much faster e-Commerce experience for your customers.

Some people wonder why we didn’t do this in the first place, its because WP e-Commerce was around before jQuery and this has meant that unfortunately we’ve had to retro fit all our code. Its very close now though – our testers have been very happy with the results.

Video Tutorials!!

Our friend Adam Purcel at Hungry Dog media has launched a number of free WP e-Commerce video tutorials. If you want proof that the WP e-Commerce Plugin works then play the video – if your install does not go this smooth we’re pretty certain you’re doing something wrong or you have a crazy custom built server made by an old school Linux beard ;)


Goodbye Plugin Conflicts

We’ve been using wp enqueue for a while now, wp enqueue is meant to stop Plugins conflicting with other Plugins. This time round we’ve been a little more and have support for wp enqueue script and wp enqueue style.

Thumbnail Crop

Its hard to make that perfect thumbnail image – we’re Mac fiends here at Instinct and we appreciate the joys of Photoshop so we’re the first to admit that writing code to create the perfect thumbnail image to suit everybody’s needs was always going to be a difficult task.

So rather then try to come up with the perfect image cropping algorithm we’ve made a cropping tool that will allow you to make the pixel perfect thumbnail images.

thumbnail crop

Settings > Shipping

Shipping management has always bothered me a little so we’ve begun a user interface overhaul. Internal and External shipping calculators have been split up and we’ve moved the edit button to a more logical place.

wordpress shipping

Checkout Page Thumbnails

Now we have a great new Template engine it was easy for us to add Thumbnail images to our checkout page. If you want to remove them it easy.

e-commerce thumbnails in checkout

A treat for members only / subscription sites

We’ve made a few improvements here. First of all we’ve added the ability to sign up, login and purchase all on the same screen. This greatly improves the user experience for your customers.

members only checkout

Settings > Payment Gateways

You can now change the Display Text for each Payment Gateway in the admin section.

wordpress payment gateway

For instance (and using the above image as an example) you can now change the word “PayPal Standard” to read differently in the admin section of your site. It could read something like “Pay by Credit Card” instead.

Payment Gateway Display Name

USA Tax Law

In regards to the USA tax we’ve modified a couple of things to ensure we follow USA Tax law. We have had many a USA customers comment on the way Tax works with regards to our Plugin, so we got a friend in the States to find out the Tax Laws and give us some scenarios so we could make it work just the way it should! To clear the air and make sure we are on the same page, the scenarios we have implemented are as follows:

Scenario 1
My shop is in Alabama. A customer from Texas buys a product and ships it to Alabama (He gets charged tax)

Scenario 2
My shop is in Alabama. A customer from Alabama buys a product and ships it to Texas (He gets charged tax)

Scenario 3
My shop is in Alabama. A customer from Alabama buys a product and ships it to Alabama (He gets charged tax)

Scenario 4
My shop is in Alabama. A customer in Texas buys a product and ships it to Texas (He doesn’t get charged tax)

These scenarios work by checking the shipping country select box and billing country select box on the checkout page.
We understand that sometimes these scenarios don’t suit your needs, for example if you customized your checkout page so a customer does not have to enter shipping details, we have added a new option in the checkout settings page called Lock tax to Billing Country. If you have this turned on the shipping country and billing country will be locked to each other, so if you change one the other will automatically change. This changes the above scenarios to:

Scenario 1
My shop is in Alabama. A customer from Texas buys a product he now ONLY has the option to ship to Texas (He doesn’t gets charged tax)

Scenario 2
My shop is in Alabama. A customer from Alabama buys a product he now ONLY has the option to ship to Alabama (He gets charged tax)

Crafty Cart 2

We use Crafty Cart for our development site and we can’t seem to contact Bill the original developer so we’re going to release a new version of Crafty Cart unless Bill comes back to us with more information – if you know how to contact Bill please do.

We have also designed a Crafty Cart version of Drop Shop but its not yet released.

A few misc things

  • Chronopay probably won’t work until 3.7 Beta 4 or full launch.
  • Gold files have moved. The new folder should be automatically created when the e-commerce plugin is activated, but if it is not, you will have to create it yourself. The details are in the readme download file.
  • iShop and MarketPlace themes will be updated in the next Beta release
  • As always when upgrading make sure you backup first.

Feedback and Testing

Post your feedback / comments here.

Download 3.7 Beta 3

Comments and Downloads for Beta 3 are closed. Please check the Beta 4 Module.

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