WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.7.5 ready for prime time

Kia Ora Team! I am very pleased to announce the latest and greatest release of the WP e-Commerce Plugin.

The 3.7.5 release has had some very thorough testing – months of it. The following list should give you a fairly good idea of what has been updated and / or changed in this release.

  • All In One SEO Pack compatibility bugfixes and improvements.
  • CSV has had some work done on it, it now takes larger files, and associates a CSV file to a single category of your choice. We’d love to be able to allow users to add the categories and images as part of the CSV file. We will look into it more at a later date.
  • SSL we fixed the image issue from beta1 and used James Collis recommended fix (using is_ssl() for our conditions) Thanks James!
  • Added code for upgrades/additions from nielo.info and lsdev.biz, we will be using this code for new modules in the future.
  • ‘Show list of Product Groups’ shows all Groups <- there may be some backwards compatibility issues (we haven’t encountered any but nevertheless if you spot any let us know)
  • When duplicating products, their tags do not get duplicated for the new product. <- Oh yes they DO!
  • Google Checkout now sends off Discount Coupons As well. And we fixed the name vs code Issue people mentioned in the forum
  • Purchase logs – We had a lot of users that somehow bypassed the ‘fix purchase logs’ page when upgrading from 3.6, so we added some better conditions to the mix and added it on to the debug page (a powerful wp-e-commerce page that is hidden from most users as it’s usage is very corrosive backing up your DB and files is strongly recommended if not necessary when you work with this page).
  • Valid XHTML for front end of wpec YAY!
  • Fixed adding variations when adding products
  • Sender from the ‘resend email to buyer’ link on the purchase log details page has been fixed
  • The Categories Widget has had numerous tweaks
  • Much much better WPMU support.
  • Canadian Tax – Fixes
  • US Tax –Fixes
  • Product Categories Caching Issue Resolved
  • Coupons – ‘Apply to all Products’ and numerous bug fixes
  • ‘Your Account’ done some fixes to it.
  • ‘Accepted Payment’ goes straight to ‘Closed Order’
  • Stock claims are now cleared when the cart is emptied
  • Purchase log bulk actions now work
  • PayPal Payments Standard / Pro gateway module fixes and improvements
  • HTML Tables can now be added to product descriptions
  • Flat Rate and Weight Rate improvements

And well what else can I say, We’ve fixed a lot of peoples bugs, issues with the plugin, and have prepared the Plugin for a very VERY exciting NEXT stable version 3.7.6 which is going to have some amazing features, If your interested see Dan talk about WP e-Commerce this weekend at wordcamp NYC! and see why the organizers chose WP e-Commerce to sell tickets on the wordcamp.org website.

If dev@instinct.co.nz has helped you please resolve your issues, do this by marking your forum threads related to any problem you may have had as resolved!

Enough said. Download the latest Plugin and good luck with your online business – may we help generate you all the revenue you desire. In the next couple of days we’ll look at providing some screen shots… stay tuned!

» Download WP e-Commerce 3.7.5

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