GetShopped home for WP e-Commerce

The WP e-Commerce Plugin has a new home!

Last week we launched a new site over at, the GetShopped website is the new home for the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin. The old site (right here right now) is to be considered as a landing site for Instinct projects. Instinct develop WordPress software and contribute to the WP e-Commerce Plugin, Open Source project.

So just like Automattic (the founders of WordPress) we also run a number of projects and we recently decided that trying to manage multiple projects through the one website was just no longer effective. So we give you GetShopped.

Moving the WP e-Commerce Plugin to GetShopped means the following;

  • New tailored website with a much more satisfactory user interface
  • More training videos
  • Greater documenation
  • Speedier support times
  • Better overall software
  • More community tools!!!

So without further ado, please go check out WP e-Commerce on GetShopped today!!!

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