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12 Awesome Examples of Custom Post Types

Last week we posted an article on Custom Post Types over on the website. Its a worthy read if you’re interested in seeing some great examples of how Custom Post Types are used in the wild. » Read More about Custom Post Types

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Hi all, the domain auto-renewed overnight and has forgotten its way home, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and can assure you were are doing our all to get the site promptly back up. I’ll post updates throughout the day, this was an unscheduled event which we will be better prepared for next […]

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July Update

Things are good at Instinct HQ. Not just good but excellent. New office: We’ve recently moved into a larger work space. Everybody has contributed to making the space awesome – I’ve been painting, Daves been advising and we’re about to create a framed Whiteboard Wall. Its going to be nice. We all have much more […]

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New Release Version (3.7.6 beta 3)

We just uploaded a new Beta version of WP e-Commerce with heaps of new features and fixes for you to enjoy & test. Let us know how you get on over at the blog!! » Read More

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GetShopped Blog

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that more and more blog action is happening over that the new blog. Its where we’re discuss all things WP e-Commerce. Recents blog posts include; Update on Support Forum Login Issue Google Checkout Notes Weekly Support Forum Highlights WPtouch Theme with Wp-e-Commerce QuickBooks Integration with WordPress […]

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PayPal Express

One of the things we’re working on before launching the next minor WP e-Commerce Plugin update is a PayPal Express Checkout tweak. The user interface was a little tired and in need of a little CSS love. For those wondering about PayPal Express I just copy and pasted this excerpt from another website. “PayPal Express […]

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The Fix 3.7.5 Beta1

Note from the Developers: Hi guys, we’ve had a few users who’s server configuration effected their upgrade. We would just like to remind you all that if you aren’t doing so, please backup your databases before upgrading. If your site is valuable to you, make sure you take the time to backup your database and […]

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Game Creator profiled on TVNZ

Our Flash Liteâ„¢ game creation software (that anybody can use to make games for mobile phones) was profiled on TVNZ this week. A big thanks goes out to Matt McLean “BREAKFAST Journalist” for doing such a great job. If you’ve ever wondered what I look and sound like take a squiz. >> Watch the Video

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