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12 Awesome Examples of Custom Post Types

Last week we posted an article on Custom Post Types over on the website. Its a worthy read if you’re interested in seeing some great examples of how Custom Post Types are used in the wild. » Read More about Custom Post Types

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July Update

Things are good at Instinct HQ. Not just good but excellent. New office: We’ve recently moved into a larger work space. Everybody has contributed to making the space awesome – I’ve been painting, Daves been advising and we’re about to create a framed Whiteboard Wall. Its going to be nice. We all have much more […]

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GetShopped Blog

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that more and more blog action is happening over that the new blog. Its where we’re discuss all things WP e-Commerce. Recents blog posts include; Update on Support Forum Login Issue Google Checkout Notes Weekly Support Forum Highlights WPtouch Theme with Wp-e-Commerce QuickBooks Integration with WordPress […]

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GetShopped home for WP e-Commerce

The WP e-Commerce Plugin has a new home! Last week we launched a new site over at, the GetShopped website is the new home for the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin. The old site (right here right now) is to be considered as a landing site for Instinct projects. Instinct develop WordPress software and contribute to […]

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Status Update 3.7.6 Beta 1

Hello everybody. Welcome to 2010! I’m pleased to announce that we have uploaded a new version of the WP e-Commerce Plugin – it is a small taste of things to come in 3.8 which is already in development. Better UPS integration US checkout form field state issue fixes Checkout Form Fields (snazzy new interface) Google […]

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Whats in the christmas trunk?

Merry Christmas folks. And for those of you that don’t believe in Christmas  I hope business as usual is working out well for you! So who wants to know what lies in store for next year? Well the trunk (Development Version) of the WP e-Commerce Plugin is probably one of the merriest releases yet. It […]

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WP e-Commerce Extensions

Of course we all already know that WP e-Commerce is a hugely extensible piece of software – we know this because more e-Commerce themes and modules made for WP e-Commerce then any other WordPress extension. Not such a shabby claim eh – but its true. So to make sure our Plugin is truely the best […]

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WP e-Commerce Plugin

Kia Ora team. I’m pleased to annouce a new minor realease of the WP e-Commerce Plugin. No major enhancements have been added to this release however the following fixes should improve your online shop. * Fixes to the Paypal Pro merchant file * Fixes to the Paypal Express Checkout merchant file * Tracking email improvements […]

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