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Level 3, Education House,
178 Willis Street,
Wellington, NZ
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+ 64 4 385 8082
+ 64 21 449901

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Our form is misbehaving so please email us directly.
New Business: please email: dan [at]
Technical Issues: shayne [at]

It is not effective in helping large quanities of users. If you are having issues, we recommend using our support forums. There are a number of contributors there, and your issue can possibly help others there as well.

Privacy policy
We take privacy very seriously. Doing business with us? It’s as simple as this:

* Instinct will never sell or distribute your personal information to a third party, except when necessary to provide a purchased product or service.

* Instinct will never store or otherwise retain your full credit card details. Period.

* Instinct keeps specific order information to provide future service, such as re-sending lost serial numbers. Instinct takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the protection of all such personal information.

Refund policy
Unsatisfied with your Instinct software purchase? Send us e-mail, help us understand what went wrong (and what we can do better), and we’ll refund your order, up to a week after your purchase.