Plugin Development

Instinct has developed a number of Plugins for WordPress including the worlds most populor e-Commerce Plugin for WordPress, WP e-Commerce. WP e-Commerce has had over 400,000 downloads and that number continues to grow. Following are some of the Plugins we’ve developed over the years.

If you’re interested in commissioning Instinct to develop a Plugin for you then please email please note that our rate for custom development is $150.00 per hour.

WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

The WordPress e-Commerce plugin is a fully integrated shopping cart application suitable for selling your digital and tangible products, services, and or fees online. WP e-Commerce is made to help you make money online!!

  • Works with WordPress 2.8.2
  • Google Checkout – Level 2 Integration
  • DPS / Paystation Integration
  • Paypal IPN integration
  • Paypal Payments Pro integration
  • Ajax powered DropShop Shopping Cart
  • Ajax powered Sliding Shoping Cart
  • Audio Player Module for selling MP3 files and digital downloads
  • Purchase records downloadable as CSV file
  • Support for USA & Canada Tax

» Download from the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin Page

Campaign Trail Plugin

The Campaign Trail Plugin is an email newsletter Plugin built for WP users who want to send campaigns using

Download it from
» Download from the Campaign Trail page

WordPress Hide Pages Plugin

The WordPress Hide Pages plugin adds a new sidebar panel in the add and edit pages within your WordPress admin. To use, install it to the plugins or mu-plugins directory, edit or add a page, and then just tick the “Page Visibility” checkbox to hide a page from the navigation.

» Download from the Hide Pages Plugin Page

Widgets Hack

We have modified the two files responsible for the way WordPress 2.5 handles widgets – by downloading and using our replacement widget.php files you will be able to highly customize your sidebars even down to a single post’s page.

Instinct developed this modification because the Sidebar Modules (SBM) plugin has been discontinued due to the fact that this functionality will be included in WordPress 2.6 – hopefully developed by us!

We did not want to wait until WordPress 2.6 for this functionality so we claimed the ticket and built a basic version to suit our needs. Enjoy!

» Download the Modified Files (updated 9 April)

WordPress Status Updates Plugin

Installing this plugin will add Facebook styled “status updates” to your sidebar.

It uses your gravatar image as your profile image. This plugin has been released under the GPL.

» Download WordPress Status Update Plugin